For the different models of climate control units, there are different models of controls that best fits the functionalities of each unit. Some allow integrated operation from the Front-Box to the dashboard and/or pre-heater when installed in the system.


With the introduction of the new range of air conditioning equipment in 2021, the new controller called E-Control also appears. It stands out for its extreme modularity in which type of equipment it can be used from simple urban buses, through articulated up to double-decker buses. It allows diagnostic function directly on the controller and allows the management of the unit maintenance services itself.

Klimalogic I

For units with simpler configurations, there is the possibility of Klimalogic I that allows the control of the passenger area, which is usually more used in versions of only refrigerating units.

Klimalogic II

For untis with climate control configuration (Heating and Cooling) in a simultaneous controlling function for the passenger and driver’s areas, there is the Klimalogic II controller. It allows diagnostic functions to the equipment functions directly in the controller and operates the park preheater if it is installed.

Klimalogic 02-K

For more elaborate and complex applications such as double-decker buses and up to 3 individually air-conditioned areas in the passenger area, in addition to the driver area, there is the KL02-K controller. It allows diagnostic functions of the full system directly in the command and operates the park pre-heater if it is installed.

Plus Comfort

In systems where only the driver’s area is to be air-conditioned or in situations the control of the equipment in the passenger area does not allow a fully integrated management of the Front-Box, it is possible to use the Plus Comfort controller.


For the AC units dedicated to the range of minibuses with Telematics that gives remote access to the vehicle and all the AC unit data, receives alerts or equipment performance information, as well as managing maintenance intervals, the Einstein controller is available.